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WHO Approves Second Dengue Vaccine, Expanding Global Access

The World Health Organization (WHO) has authorized a second dengue vaccine that could protect millions worldwide against the mosquito-borne disease, the Associated Press reported yesterday.

The vaccine, developed by the Japanese pharmaceutical Takeda, is recommended for use in children aged 6-16 years old living in regions with high dengue rates, the source mentioned.

The two-dose vaccine, known as Qdenga, was previously approved by the European Medicines Agency in 2022. WHO’s approval now enables donor agencies and the UN to procure the vaccine for poorer countries.

Studies have shown Takeda’s vaccine to be around 84% effective in preventing hospitalization and 61% effective in stopping dengue symptoms.

The WHO’s authorization comes as the Americas have already seen numerous dengue outbreaks this year. Experts say this second approved vaccine is an important step in expanding global access to protect against this significant public health threat.

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