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Unprecedented temperature rise in Antarctic raises fears of catastrophe

The Gurdian recently cited scientists at the Concordia research station in Antarctica reporting a record-breaking temperature leap of 38.5°C above the seasonal average, raising concerns about the continent’s rapid succumbing to global warming.

According to the article, the dramatic polar “heatwave” has been attributed to poleward winds carrying warm, moist air from lower latitudes.

It adds that the unprecedented event is part of a series of disturbing meteorological anomalies, including mass loss of glaciers and a significant decrease in sea ice levels.

The Antarctic’s ecological impacts are already evident, with the disappearance of crucial algae threatening the food chain, and the iconic emperor penguin facing a catastrophic breeding failure.

These alarming shifts in Antarctica’s climate and ecosystems highlight the urgent need for global action to mitigate the impact of climate change.

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