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Uyghur Advocacy Groups Welcome New US Sanctions Bill

Uyghur advocacy groups have welcomed the introduction of a new US Congressional bill that would expand sanctions against Chinese officials involved in human rights abuses in Xinjiang, RFA reported on Monday.

The Uyghur Genocide Accountability and Sanctions Act (UGASA) seeks to strengthen existing sanctions under the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020.

“This bill seeks to punish Chinese officials who are involved in the genocide and crimes against humanity committed by the Chinese government in East Turkistan,” said Rushan Abbas of the Campaign for Uyghurs.

The bill was introduced shortly after the re-establishment of the Congressional Uyghur Caucus, expanding penalties for Chinese officials involved in systematic abuses like rape, forced sterilization, and organ harvesting. It also aims to support Uyghur survivors, preserve culture, and counter Chinese propaganda denying the genocide.

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