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Mahfil Ali Organization in London announces the construction of a huge building to serve UK’s Shias

The Peace Center of Mahfil Ali Organization of Shia Muslims in the British capital, London, announced the initiation of the construction of its building, which will be a huge complex embracing Shias in the region and involving them in various religious and cultural activities.

The center said in a statement published on its website: “Praise be to Allah, we are pleased to announce the next phase of the construction of the Peace Center building, where the foundations were laid and the basement was built,” noting that “work on the project began on October 3 and it is hoped that it will be completed by 2024.”

It added that “the new building is located on Gloucester Road in the Harrow area in the center of the British capital, and seeks to develop the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of the Shias and meet the intellectual needs in all walks of life.”

The building includes, according to the statement, “a prayer hall, multifunctional hall, library, restaurant, gym, studio, lecture hall, classrooms and other services.”

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