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Britain: Increase in anti-Islamic hate crimes in England and Wales

The British authorities announced an increase in the rates of Islamophobia (hatred and anti-Islam) crimes in England and Wales in the years 2021 and 2022.

 According to data published by the British Home Office, Muslims have been the most vulnerable to targeting by other religious groups over the past two years.

According to the data, the police recorded 3,459 hate incidents against Muslims between March 2021 and March 2022, an increase of 42% compared to the same period of the previous year.

There were 155,841 hate crimes recorded in England and Wales between March 2021 and March 2022.

Hate crimes based on race made up the largest proportion with 109,843 incidents.

The number of hate crimes recorded on a religious basis reached 8,730, an increase of 37% from March between 2020 and 2021.

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