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UK: Muslim students threaten to disaffiliate from UK’s NUS 

In the wake of suspending its president-elect, Shaima Dallali, the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (Fosis) threatened to launch a disaffiliation campaign against the National Union of Students (NUS).

Earlier this year, Jewish students accused Dallali of anti-Semitism; which she denied and welcomed the QC-led investigation into her actions.

But following a leaked report that the NUS had suspended an elected president for the first time in its one-hundred-year history, Fosis said it would urge its members to launch disaffiliation campaigns across the UK against the national body.

In a statement published on Friday evening, Fosis said the NUS had a track record of failing to help Muslim students acting in elected positions within the organization and student unions across the country.

“For many years, Fosis has dealt with troubling cases of Islamophobia experienced by Islamic Societies, Muslim sabbatical officers and the wider Muslim student community in both Higher and Further Education,” Fosis said in its statement.

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