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Islamic auction features historic Quran manuscript from Ottoman royalty

A precious Quran manuscript, dating back to 1860 and commissioned by Munire Sultan, the daughter of Sultan Abdulmejid I, was featured in Sotheby’s London auction today, Türkiye Newspaper reported.

According to the article, the event will feature The Belgrave Collection – a meticulously assembled showcase of Islamic and Indian art collected over 40 years.

Among the highlights is an illuminated Quran manuscript, significant both for its historical value and exquisite craftsmanship.

The Quran was commissioned by Munire Sultan, the daughter of Sultan Abdulmejid I of the Ottoman Empire, and crafted by the esteemed calligrapher Ibrahim Hakki.

It is dated 19 Rabi’ I 1277 A.H. (Oct. 5, 1860 A.D.) and showcases the rich artistic traditions of the Ottoman court.

The manuscript measures 37.9 by 26.4 centimeters and comprises 256 leaves, with each page featuring 15 lines of elegant naskh script, beautifully outlined in gold, red, and black.

Experts at Sotheby’s estimate the auction price for this exceptional piece to be between $86,700 and $111,400, reflecting its rarity and the profound historical and artistic value it holds.

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