Grand Ayatollah al-Najafi: Visits to holy shrines should be an element of change in the visitor’s life

The Shia Religious Authority, Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Bashir al-Najafi, emphasized the importance of making the visits to the Holy Shrines an element of real change in the life of the visitor, if they intend for their visits to be accepted.

Grand Ayatollah al-Najafi’s speech came during receiving a number of delegations coming from Iraq and Iran to visit the Holy Shrines, and gave the attendees some fatherly advice, emphasizing the importance of making the visit to the holy shrines for the sake of pleasing God Almighty and Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them.

At the conclusion of the meeting, he prayed to the Creator, the Exalted, to protect the believers from all evil, and to guide them to the path of guidance and righteousness.

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