Spanish ‘Softonic’ releases ‘Sawaneh Karbala’ mobile app about Imam Hussein, his pure family

The Spanish website “Softonic”, which specializes in computer software and mobile applications, announced the release of a new electronic application that revolves around the immortal battle of Karbala and the Martyrdom of the Grandson of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Imam Hussein bin Ali, peace be upon them.

The website said in a special report translated by Karbala Center for Studies and Research, affiliated to Imam Hussein Holy Shrine and followed by Shia Waves Agency, that “The free electronic application ‘Sawaneh Karbala’ is the latest achievement of the Pakistani Islamic company (WafaSoft) for this year.”

The report indicated that “The application, which is published in Hindi and Urdu, falls under the category of educational books and scientific references, as it provides a comprehensive narrative of the journey of Imam Hussein and his pure family, peace be upon them, starting with their life in Holy Makkah and Holy Madinah, until the outbreak of what he described as (the fateful events) in Karbala, Kufa and Damascus.”

The website concluded that “due to its easy-to-use interface, the ‘Sawaneh Karbala’ application offers many features to improve the user experience, including an index for easy navigation, a search function for the required pages, and the ability to quickly navigate to a specific page,” adding that “the application is designed in a way that allows for the provision of the maximum amount of information about the life and events surrounding Imam Hussein and his pure family, peace be upon them.”

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