Archbishop of Canterbury: It is time to get rid of Islamophobia and hate speech against Muslims

The Archbishop of Canterbury called on Monday for the complete elimination of Islamophobia and hate speech against Muslims during a rally held in Whitehall, United Kingdom.

In the rally attended by Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religious figures, including Shia clerics, archbishop Justin Welby said “We must stand up to the hatred and hostility directed at Muslims and fight Islamophobia from today.”

Welby added: “Muslim children are now afraid to even go to school for fear of being targeted because of their beliefs or religious clothing that distinguishes them from others.”

He explained that “the process of ending this suffering and fear among Muslims in Britain must be from all of us,” adding, “We must first clean our homes of this hatred and educate the society about respecting Muslims.”

It should be mentioned that Muslims in the United Kingdom are facing increasing hostility and targeting, whether in mosques, workplace, markets, or schools.

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