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3rd Religious Dialogue Conference on Islam and Shintoism held in Tokyo

The Japanese capital, Tokyo, hosted the events of the 3rd Religious Dialogue Conference, to discuss cultural and knowledge exchange between the Islamic and Shinto religions, with the participation of a large number of clerics, activists, and intellectuals, including Shia clerics.

According to media outlets followed by Shia Waves Agency, the conference was held for the period from (November 27-29, 2023), and discussed the role of religion in art and architecture from the perspective of Islam and Shintoism.

The agency mentioned that “the conference witnessed many events and meetings between Japanese cultural and artistic officials, artists, artistic institutions, and private organizations; in order to expand and deepen comprehensive cultural relations.”

The participants confirmed that the conference is a positive step towards promoting interfaith dialogue in Japan. It is hoped that future dialogues will continue to build understanding and cooperation between the Islamic and Shinto communities.

It is worth noting that Shintoism or Shinto or Kaminomichi is an Asian religion that appeared and developed in Japan, and left a profound impact on Japanese thought and heritage.

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