Imam Hussein Media Group participates in telecommunication conference in Baghdad

Imam Hussein Media Group has actively participated in the activities of the special conference held in the capital, Baghdad, to announce the opening of the project to upgrade and expand the national telecommunications network, affiliated to the General Company for Communications and Information Technology of the Iraqi Ministry of Communications.

The representative of Imam Hussein Media Group, Mahdi Hamza, explained to Shia Waves Agency that “the participation of the media group is based on its interest in such advanced projects, given its pioneering experience in the field of advanced telecommunications technology.”

He added that “the Iraqi Minister of Communications, Dr. Heyam Al-Yasari, stressed the necessity of this project to keep pace with a number of other projects planned to be implemented by the ministry currently and its plans in advanced projects in the near future,” stressing the “support of the media group for such national projects that serve the telecommunications sector in the country.”

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