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3rd International Conference on Heritage of Samarra held on Kufa University campus

The Askariyyain Holy Shrine, in cooperation with Kufa University and 24 other Iraqi academic institutions, has held the 3rd International Conference on the Heritage of Samarra in the college of jurisprudence at the University of Kufa.

The conference focuses on the research of the heritage of the holy city of Samarra, its originality and civilization, through research prepared by specialists in historical and religious heritage.

The dean of the College of Jurisprudence Dr. Selim Abd al-Zahra Al-Jassani pointed out in his speech the role of the holy shrines in hosting scientific conferences and the cooperation between scientific institutions and the holy shrines.

The conference brought together a diverse group of participants from Iraq and abroad, including scholars, researchers, and academics, with the discussions focusing on the profound heritage of Samarra, which includes a variety of historical, religious, and cultural sites.

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