Free Muslim condemns calls for demolishing mosques in Sweden

The Worldwide Non-Violence Organization (Free Muslim) has strongly condemned the extremist statements of Swedish Democrat Party leader Jimmie Akesson, who called for the demolition of mosques in Sweden.

The organization called for the accountability of individuals and entities seeking to destabilize international peace and security.

In a statement to Shia Waves Agency, the organization said that it had “seen statements issued by the leader of the far-right in Sweden, in which he called for the confiscation and demolition of Muslim mosques, in a clear expression of the nature of suspicious agendas.”

The organization explained that these statements are aimed at “destabilizing global security and creating discord between peaceful peoples and communities within and outside Europe.”

Freemuslim said in its statement that “the Swedish authorities are directly concerned with dealing with instigators of violence and discord,” pointing out that “those calls and the people behind them are no different from the calls, goals, and individuals of terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda and Daesh.”

The organization warned against “allowing those extremist entities to continue their actions in Sweden, which necessitates dealing with them seriously and without compromise,” calling for “combating such rhetoric intellectually and culturally because of the threats it poses to civil peace.”

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