Residence of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in Qom hosts Fatimi Majlis as mourning processions in different Iraqi cities commemorate her tragic martyrdom

On Monday, November 27, the Residence of the Supreme Marja, Grand Ayatollah Shirazi, in the holy city of Qom hosted a Fatimi mourning Majlis on the occasion of the martyrdom of the Supreme Lady of the Worlds, peace be upon her, according to the 75-day narration.

In Iraq, mourning Majalis were held to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Sayyida Fatima al-Zahra, peace be upon her, in Holy Najaf and Karbala, as well as other cities of the country, and were attended by various classes of people and Shia Taqlid authorities.

Holy Najaf saw a huge crowd of mourners who walked to the shrine of Amir al-Mu’minin, peace be upon him, and performed Azadari.

The ceremony was broadcasted live on all six televisions of Imam Hossein Media Group.

The Fatimiyya period are the days when Shiites around the world mourn the martyrdom of Sayyida Fatimah, peace be upon her.

Iraqi Shiites, especially in the holy cities of Karbala and Najaf al-Ashraf, likewise hold mourning Majalis to commemorate this tragic event.

This year, like previous years, the visitors and the neighboring residents of the majestic Shrine of Amir al-Mu’minin Ali (peace be upon him) staged a magnificent Azadari walk to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Sayyida Fatima al- Zahra (peace be upon her) in Najaf al-Ashraf.

The large disciplined walk was held on the occasion of Fatimiyya, according to the 75-day narration, with the presence of Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Bashir Najafi, one of the Shia Taqlid authorities in Najaf al-Ashraf.

A similar commemorative walk has been held in Qom for many years attended by the Shiite religious authorities, Grand Ayatollah Wahid Khorasani and the late Grand Ayatollah Mirza Javad Tabrizi, to mark the martyrdom anniversary according to the 95-day narration.

In addition to Najaf al-Ashraf, the holy city of Karbala and Souq al-Shuyukh saw a symbolic funeral ceremony and a magnificent walk to commemorate this sorrowful occasion.

These days, the sacred shrines of Sayyed al-Shuhada and Abal-Fazl al-Abbas, peace be upon them, witness the mourning Majalis marking the martyrdom of the Mistress of All Women, Fatima al-Zahra, peace be upon her, which are attended by faithful people and mourning Mawakib.

The holy shrines of the Immaculate Imams, peace be upon them, in Kazimayn and Samarra, as well as the sacred shrines of other descendants of Ahlul-Bayt in other cities of Iraq host Azadari Majalis for Siddiqa al-Tahira, peace be upon her.

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