30 Iraqi calligraphers complete writing Holy Quran in 3 months

Thirty Iraqi calligraphers have completed writing the Holy Quran, using a copy of an old Quranic manuscript by the calligrapher Hafiz Muhammad Amin al-Rashidi, which was written completed in 1236 AH and was gifted to the Sheikh al-Junaid al-Baghdadi mosque in Baghdad.

The representative of the Iraqi Calligraphers Association, Imad Hatem, told Shia Waves Agency that “many of the calligraphers participating in this event were the first time they wrote the Holy Quran and learned the art of Quranic calligraphy, because this font is different from the rest of fonts.”

It is worth noting that this Quranic calligraphy project is the first of its kind, and the new manuscript will be kept in a special museum; to glorify the Holy Quran.

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