Turkish “Anadolu Agency” publishes photos of Iraqi pilgrims on their way to Holy Karbala

The Turkish news agency “Anadolu Ajanci” published photographs showing large numbers of Iraqi pilgrims walking towards the holy city of Karbala to participate in the commemoration of the Arabeen of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

In its report seen by Shia Waves Agency and is headlined “Shias of Iraq travel nearly 745 kilometers to keep the memory of Arabeen alive” it said that, “These people have converged on Rasul Bisha in Basra, Iraq, where they begin their on-foot journey towards Holy Karbala.”

It should be mentioned that millions of Shia Muslims will arrive in the holy city of Karbala to commemorate the Arbaeen Pilgrimage, amid tight security procedures and service processions to provide the honorable pilgrims with their needs.

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