Imam Hussein Holy Shrine allocates land for construction of two settlements for Husseini pilgrims

Imam Hussein Holy Shrine has agreed to allocate two plots of land for the construction of two settlements for Husseini pilgrims in Shalamcheh and Safwan, announced Asad Al-Aidani, the governor of Basra, in a statement on Tuesday, August 15.

“This action was aimed to provide services to the Husseini pilgrims,” Al-Aidani noted, adding that the construction, financial allocation and supervision of this project are carried out by Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai, the legal guardian of the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

It should be noted that the holy shrine of Imam Hussain, peace be upon him, has completed several service projects in Basra province, the most important of which is “Waarith Hospital” specialized for the treatment of cancerous tumors, and equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment unique for its kind in the Middle East.

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