Iraqi Cabinet of Ministers passes resolution to allow free visas for Arbaeen pilgrims from some countries

The Iraqi Council of Ministers approved an amendment that issues a directive for Arbaeen 2023 regarding visas and the entry method for the pilgrims.

According to the directive No. 23437 of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, the visa for the pilgrims from the countries of Yemen, Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan are free from the beginning of the month of Safar until its end.

It should be noted that Grand Ayatollah Shirazi has stressed for many years the necessity to facilitate the Arbaeen pilgrimage for the visitors of Imam Hussein, peace be upon, especially in relation to passport and visa procedures. Accordingly, in his last public speech on Ashura Eve, his Eminence addressed the Islamic governments, especially the government of Iraq, and recommended special considerations for passport and visa facilities for the Husseini Arbaeen pilgrims.

Fortunately, after these recommendations, the Iraqi government has considered facilities for the Arbaeen pilgrimage of Pakistani, Afghan, Lebanese, and Yemeni pilgrims who enter Iraq during these days, exempting them from visa requirement.

The Iranian government is also expected to act like the Iraqi government and provide free visa and other necessary facilities to Afghan, Pakistani and Indian pilgrims and all Shiites who have no option but to pass through Iran for the Arbaeen pilgrimage.

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