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Tuwairij mourning procession to be held on Ashura afternoon

The special mourning ritual of Tuwairij will be held on the afternoon of Husseini Ashura, as in previous years.

Tuwairij procession is the most famous mourning group, originating from “Hindiya” region, 10 kilometers southeast of Karbala.

This group is considered the largest Hosseini procession in the world on the Day of Ashura, which starts every year after the noon and evening prayers from the “Qantarat al-Salam” area, located two kilometers east of Karbala, and moves towards Holy Karbala.

In this ceremony, a huge crowd moves towards the holy city of Karbala in response to the call of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) and chants (Labbayk Ya Hussain) and (Ya letharat al-Hussain).

The Tuwairij mourning has been so favored by Iraqis that the servants of the Holy Shrines of Imam Hussein and Abalfazl al-Abbas, peace be upon them, have taken special measures in the courtyards of these two holy shrines since the beginning of the month of Muharram.

On the Day of Ashura in Iraq, the scholars traditionally wear a worn-out robe and, with no cloak and bare feet, while wearing a handkerchief with its tail around their neck, called (Tahtul-hanak), participate in the street mourning processions. Eventually, they join the Tuwairij group and march towards the Shrine while chanting Husseini slogans.

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