Hindu village commemorates martyrdom of Imam Hussein

 An interesting article from Awazthevoice reported this week how the residents of an Indian village in the Karnataka region still continue to observe Muharram mourning rituals despite the fact that the village does not have any Muslim inhabitants.

The villagers of Hirebidanur in Saundatti taluk have been paying tribute to Imam Hussein by performing rituals somewhat associated with Muharram. Interestingly Ta’ziya is performed throughout the entire village in the last five days of the month.  

Although they do also as well have some unique rituals according to Awazthevoice:

“The villagers perform the dance of Karbala and decorate the village with rope art. They also walk over the fire.”

Locals have told the media-outlet that these Muharram rituals have become a custom to the villagers for over a century. The village used to have a small Muslim community, the only remnants being two mosques which still stand in this in this village to this day.

The Muharram rituals of these villagers can serve as a reminder of the universality of Imam Hussein and how the value of his martyrdom can transcend the borders of location, creed and race.

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