International newspaper sheds light on the role of Karbala in revitalizing tourism in Iraq despite the absence of government support

The semi-official Belgian newspaper, La Libre, praised the great role played by the holy city of Karbala in revitalizing the tourism sector in Iraq, despite all the obstacles facing the growth of this sector for many decades.

The newspaper said in a report on the recent influx of foreign tourism to Iraq, that “tourist hotels in the holy cities of Karbala and Najaf, receive thousands of foreign visitors every year, especially those coming from Iran, despite the urgent need for infrastructure and investments for this sector,” according to what was mentioned by a local hotel owner.

The report quotes a group of foreign tourists who flocked to a number of historical sites in central and southern Iraq, praising “the warmth and generosity of Iraqis despite all they have been through, and their warm welcome to their guests.”

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