UNESCO addresses educational crisis in Sudan with new strategic priorities

The UNESCO Regional Office for Egypt and Sudan has recently held its first Local Education Group (LEG) event, gathering 20 international and national experts for a three-day workshop to reshape Sudan’s education system in the midst of the current emergency.

The workshop aimed to define and strengthen the priorities of the Traditional Educational Plan, ensuring its effective implementation despite the disruptions caused by the ongoing conflict.

Sudan’s education system faces a severe crisis with 19 million children out of school due to the war, making it challenging to resume educational activities and secure safe learning environments.

The workshop engaged stakeholders through a questionnaire, identifying key priorities such as continuous, safe, inclusive, and equitable access to education, enhancing teaching and learning quality, supporting the educational system, and mobilizing resources for these initiatives.

These priorities will guide UNESCO’s actions in navigating the challenging conditions and striving towards a transformative impact on Sudan’s educational system.

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