UN: Nine months since Gaza war outbreak, population entirely dispossessed of livelihood means

A UN official described a scene of utter devastation in Gaza after nearly nine months of war, with residents facing immense struggles to secure basic necessities and safety, Anadolu Agency reported yesterday.   

Maryse Guimond, from the Palestine office of UN Women, spoke at a press conference following a week-long visit to Gaza. 

“Homes, hospitals, schools, universities – everything has been demolished,” Guimond said. “People are crammed into makeshift tents, with nowhere safe to go.”

According to Guimond, over one million people in Gaza are displaced due to the conflict. Many have fled their homes multiple times, with dwindling space and resources available. 

Healthcare is also in crisis. Dr. Rik Peeperkorn of the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that nearly 5,000 patients have been evacuated from Gaza for medical treatment, with an estimated 10,000 more in need. 

Peeperkorn called for the reopening of border crossings to allow for essential medical evacuations and deliveries.

The UN officials emphasized the urgent need for an end to the war. The ongoing conflict has caused immense suffering, with women and girls bearing a disproportionate brunt. 

“Gaza is a story of millions who have lost their homes, families, and dignity,” said Guimond. “The war must stop to allow for humanitarian aid and rebuilding efforts.”

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