Devastating Landslide Buries Over 2,000 in Papua New Guinea, Officials Told UN

The Papua New Guinean government has informed the United Nations that over 2,000 people were buried in a massive landslide that devastated a remote village in the country’s Enga province, VOA reported today.

The disaster occurred in the early hours of Friday morning, when a large section of Mount Mungalo collapsed, completely burying scores of homes and the residents inside them.

According to the country’s national disaster center, the landslide has caused “major destruction to buildings, food gardens, and the economic lifeline of the country.”

According to officials, the main highway to the Porgera Mine has also been completely blocked, hampering rescue efforts.

The government has called for immediate and collaborative action from all relevant parties, including the military and regional responders, to address this catastrophic situation.

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