Greece plans to legalise status of undocumented migrants to address labour shortage

Greece is planning to legalize the status of thousands of migrants in order to address a severe labor shortage that is affecting key sectors of the country’s growing economy.

The move, which has caused internal strife within the ruling center-right party, involves passing legislation to regularize the situation of approximately 30,000 undocumented workers.

Critics of the bill argue that it poses risks and could make Greece an attractive destination for illegal migrants.

However, proponents of the measure, including the country’s migration and asylum minister, believe that it will not only alleviate labor shortages but also promote social cohesion.

 The new law will enable migrants to legalize their status more easily by obtaining residence permits within three years instead of the previous seven, provided they can demonstrate employment.

Greek government officials highlight that the integration of these “invisible people” will contribute to increased public revenue through employment taxes and contributions. Unions acknowledge that many of the jobs being filled by foreign workers are ones that unemployed Greeks are reluctant to take.

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