No Muslim-only cemeteries in New York, Muslims have to pay $9,500 to bury their loved ones

According to a report recently released by the Middle East Eye, New York has over one million Muslims, but no Muslim-only cemetery. There are cemeteries that provide plots for Muslims. But after the Covid-19 pandemic, the costs of cemetery plots skyrocketed and mosques are no longer being offered the opportunity to purchase mass grave plots for cheaper prices.

The Washington Memorial Park Cemetery is one of the biggest graveyards in New York that has plots for Muslims. According to a representative, a grave currently costs $9,500.

People have the option to pay a ten, twenty, or thirty percent down payment and pay it back in 84 months. The representative told Middle East Eye the prices will go up soon, and that is what Muslims in New York are worried about.

When Muslims die in New York City, they most likely either get buried in Washington Memorial Park Cemetery or are taken to New Jersey, which has two Muslim-only cemeteries.

The choice is between a costly grave that would take about 1.5 hours from Brooklyn to Long Island, or taking the drive to the neighboring state, paying a toll every time.

Khurshid Anwar is the president of the Islamic Association of Long Island, said, “We have a problem.”

“Our population has increased about ten-fold in the past 10, 20 years. Which means more people are dying”.

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