Shia Waves News Agency monitors active religious activities around the world to teach children the principles of Islam

Today, Shia Waves News Agency monitored a remarkable educational activity for a number of Islamic schools and educational centers around the world, to teach young children the principles of Islam.

In Japan, the first online school to teach children the great principles of Islam in the Japanese language was recently launched, aimed at instilling Islamic culture in the hearts of young people.

The school administration stated that “Muslim families in Japan can now teach their children lessons about true Islam via the Internet, and through special curricula prepared for this purpose.”

In the US city of Chicago, the Makkah Islamic Center launched its theatrical activity (Street Theater) to teach children Islamic morals, through theatrical plays.

In Britain, educational centers and schools affiliated with the Shias of Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them) continue to hold Quranic sessions for children, which are joined by Muslims from both the Sunni and Shia sects, as an encouragement for them to spread the great Quranic culture and the principles of the Prophet’s Progeny (peace be upon them).

The Islamic Center in the Ukrainian city of Lviv also announced the provision of free lessons for children to teach them the principles of the Islamic religion.

In the city of Kyiv, several Islamic schools honored their young students who had learned to perform the prayers correctly, to encourage them to commit to the mandatory prayers.

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