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Free Muslim: Difference is a means of rapprochement and compassion, not discrimination and racism

On the International Day for Cultural Diversity, the International Nonviolence Organization, Free Muslim, affirmed that difference is a means of rapprochement and compassion, not discrimination and racism.
The organization stated in a statement received by Shia Waves, that “God wanted for the sons of Adam to diversify races and nationalities for enriching this human race with knowledge and giving, and for this difference to be a means of rapprochement and compassion, not discrimination and racism.”
The organization added that while it celebrates, in solidarity with the international community, the International Day for Cultural Diversity of Dialogue and Development on May 21, its call is directed to all human nations in all their names and variations, to enrich human and civilized giving by removing all forms of arrogance and racism, while working on exchanging ideas, visions and solutions to the problems facing humanity instead of engaging in narrow conflicts and fighting for outdated interests.
Free Muslim stressed the need for nations, peoples and societies to realize that extending bridges of cooperation and acquaintance and pursuing the paths of human brotherhood, as well as going towards benefiting from the different ideas, beliefs and races to elevate the human race without discrimination.
It mentioned that the Corona pandemic that swept the earth has proven that all human beings belong to one common destiny, and that upgrading the human level is a matter that everyone must pay attention to, by employing all forms of difference for the sake of that instead of being a factor in spreading rancor and hatred.

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