Muslim Women Offered ‘Multi-Faith Dignity Gowns’ At Royal Bournemouth and Christ church Hospitals.(Religions Respect in Britain)

Female patients are being offered new ‘multi-faith dignity gowns’


Female patients are being offered new ‘multi-faith dignity gowns’ following complaints that traditional gowns violate the rules of Islam.

The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals, in Dorset, will now offer the gowns for women who want to protect their modesty for religious reasons.

Sue Mellor, the trust’s patient engagement manager, said: “Our trust is always seeking to improve the experiences of our patients and patient feedback is incredibly important to us.

“We work with as many minority and religious groups as possible to make sure we are catering for the needs of all our patients.

Those who would like to wear one of the new gowns have been advised to inform staff as soon as possible.

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