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Muharram apps help mourners fulfill spiritual goals

Muharram apps, which are available for smartphones running on android and iOS platforms, make it easy for the generation of azadaars or (mourners) to catch up with their special prayers, read scriptures in their own language, and schedule their ziyarat.


Besides helping plan prayer schedule by day or week, these apps also provide details on duas (supplications) to be recited on specific occasions like Ashura or the 10th of Muharram. Some also narrate the story of Karbala in a day-by-day account.

A Shia cleric said that technology has helped people fulfill their spiritual goals. However, he cautioned that the younger lot must consult elders or clerics once in a while to avoid treading on the wrong path, citing an example that certain verses of the holy Quran require sajda or (prostrating). Therefore, these ayats should not be recited on the go.


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