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Astronomers Discover Potentially Habitable Earth-Sized Exoplanet 40 Light-Years Away

Scientists have uncovered the existence of a potentially habitable Earth-sized exoplanet dubbed “Gliese 12b”, Anadolu Agency reported yesterday.

Located just 40 light-years from Earth, this temperate world orbits a cool red dwarf star every 12.76 days, placing it squarely within the habitable or “Goldilocks” zone where liquid water could potentially exist on the surface, the source mentioned.

Preliminary estimates suggest Gliese 12b has a radius 1.0 times that of Earth and an estimated surface temperature of 42°C (107°F).

While the composition of its atmosphere remains unknown, researchers plan to utilize powerful telescopes like the James Webb Space Telescope to study this intriguing new exoplanet and assess its potential for supporting extraterrestrial life.

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