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New Genetic Form of Alzheimer’s Identified

Researchers have discovered a distinct genetic form of Alzheimer’s disease, characterized by the presence of two copies of the ApoE4 gene variant, the Guardian reported in an article yesterday.

The study, published in Nature Medicine, found that over 95% of individuals with two copies of ApoE4 went on to develop Alzheimer’s pathology in the brain or detectable biomarkers.

The researchers also noted the predictability of symptom onset in this genetic form, which was similar to other rare, inherited forms of Alzheimer’s.

Individuals with two ApoE4 copies typically developed symptoms around age 65, about 7-10 years earlier than those without the variant, the article added.

“Whereas previously, the etiology of dementia was known in less than 1% of cases, our work has now enabled the identification of causative factors in over 15% of instances,” said Dr. Victor Montal, a co-author from Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

While further research is needed, particularly in diverse populations, the study suggests this ApoE4-driven form could represent one of the most common single-gene causes of Alzheimer’s.

Experts say this finding could significantly impact diagnosis, treatment, and prevention strategies for the disease.

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