Lebanon: Ashura mourning ceremonies return to Nabatiyeh without restrictions of Corona pandemic

The city of Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon, as usual, returns to commemorate the Ashura ceremonies, on the evening of July 30, naturally outside the restrictions of the Corona pandemic this year, according to what was reported by local media, today, Saturday, and followed by Shia Waves News Agency.

Media outlets said: “The city of Nabatiyeh was covered with black banners, shops and homes began holding mourning ceremonies in a spirit of love for the revolution of Imam Hussein and his family (peace be upon them).”

Media outlets continued, “Security and military forces planned to provide protection from the first to the tenth of Muharram, as the city witnesses the mourning ceremonies of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).”

The sources also pointed out that “there is coordination between the mourning ceremony organizers and the security forces in the city, to commemorate the painful occasion with high level of sanctity and spirituality.”

The people of the city are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Ashura mourning season to establish their ceremonies away from the restrictions of the Corona pandemic.

The people raised the slogan “Our Refuge is Al-Hussein” this year, stressing that they “turn to the Imam, the Master of Martyrs (peace be upon him) in their concerns and problems, and follow his biography, patience and morals to seek help from the tragedies that befell all the Lebanese people.”

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