Iraqi forces kill six ISIS terrorists in Hamrin Hills

The Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Agency revealed the identities of two ISIS terrorists killed in the Hamrin Hills strike, which was announced earlier.

The agency said, in a statement received by Shia Waves News Agency, that, “In cooperation with the Military Intelligence Directorate in the Ministry of Defense and the targeting cell in the Joint Operations Command, our heroes raided a fortified tunnel in the Hamrin Hills.”

It added, “After directing the accurate air strikes, it was confirmed that 6 elements of the defeated terrorist organization ISIS were killed, and our heroes recognized two of the dead inside the tunnel, and they are: Anas Al-Hamdani, the sector’s media official, and Abu Dhiab Al-Dulaimi, the official of monitoring and reconnaissance in the sector. A DNA examination will be conducted to identify the rest of the bodies.”

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