PR office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi discusses plan to commemorate martyrdom of Imam al-Hassan al-Askari in Samarra, Iraq

In preparation for the commemoration of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam al-Hassan al-Askari, peace be upon him, the head of the Public Relations of the Office of the Supreme Religious Authority, His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Sadiq al-Husseini al-Shirazi, may Allah prolong his life, Sayyid Aref Nasrallah, discussed the detailed plan for grouping a large number of pilgrims to Samarra.

A statement by the office, received by Shia Waves News Agency, stated that Nasrallah discussed with a number of dignitaries and organizers of Husseini processions about the plan to visit Samarra, its holy shrines, the expected numbers of pilgrims and the services to be provided to them.

He explained: “The processions and service bodies have confirmed their readiness from now on to receive pilgrims, transport them, feed them and provide their full needs, God willing.”

Nasrallah stressed: “The movement will be back and forth with a high flow, and the necessary buses will be provided, while securing the road, in coordination and cooperation with the security authorities entrusted with this duty.”

He continued: “As for the worship and pilgrimage program, it will include several activities, including recitation of the Qur’an, supplications, visits, the establishment of a mourning ceremonies, then reading the lamentations and chest beating, inside the holy shrine, as well as in the shrine of Sayyid Muhammad Sab’ al-Dujail, peace be upon him, in Balad district.”

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