Parliamentary Human Rights Committee calls for an investigation into the killing of Zainab Essam by US military

The Parliamentary Human Rights Committee called for the formation of an investigative committee to investigate the killing of the Iraqi young woman Zainab Essam at the hands of American forces in Baghdad, to take decisive and deterrent measures by government agencies, to hold the negligent to account, to bring them to justice, and to end the disregard for the blood of Iraqis for years.

In a statement received by Shia Waves News Agency, the Parliamentary Committee said, “The mismanagement and the weak precautionary measures in the US training grounds located on the outskirts of the international airport area, have always been extracting the lives of Iraqis, which killed the young Zainab Essam as a result of mismanagement, which the people close to the compound have always complained of. The area witnesses indiscriminate firing.”

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