More than 2,200 processions participated in the Ashura commemoration in Karbala

More than 2,200 processions participated in the mourning and provision of services to pilgrims during the commemoration of Ashura at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine in Karbala.

The head of the Department of Husseini Rituals and Processions of Imam Hussain and al-Abbas Holy Shrines, Aqeel al-Yasiri, said that “the number of processions participating in the Ashura Pilgrimage and officially registered in the department for this year, reached more than 2,200 processions of mourning and service, all from the Holy Karbala Province, in addition to seven processions from Arab and foreign countries.”

He added, “190 mourning processions went out in the streets of Karbala mourning the tragedy of Ashura through Zanjeel and chest-beating, and more than 2000 service processions served pilgrims by providing food and drinks, accommodation and other services. There were also seven processions from Arab and foreign countries including: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Iran, India and Pakistan, in addition to several processions of students of religious sciences from African countries residing in Iraq.”

Al-Yasiri stressed, “This is the total of the processions operating within the administrative borders of the holy province of Karbala, and which are included in the department’s database, with the exception of the unregistered processions and the services provided by the people of Karbala, who opened their homes and Husseiniyahs to be honored to serve pilgrims.”

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