Iranian visitors begin to arrive in Iraq without entry visas to commemorate martyrdom of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him

The governor of the Iranian city of Dasht-e Azadekan, Hamid Silawi, announced that Iranian pilgrims will start arriving at the holy shrines in Iraq without entry visas through the Jathaba border crossing, starting from Saturday.

Silawi stated, that Iranian visitors to the holy shrines in Iraq can individually pass through the Jathaba border crossing without entry visas , and they must carry a passport and a certificate of vaccination for the first and second doses of the Corona vaccine.

According to the agreement signed with the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, Iranian visitors can go to Iraq individually or in groups across the land borders: Khosravi in Kermanshah Province, Mehran in Ilam, Jathaba and Shalamcheh in Khuzestan Province.

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