Taliban provokes Afghanistan’s Shias, announces removal of the Ashura public holiday

After the Taliban terrorist movement succeeded in deceiving the world by protecting the holy Husseini rituals and the participation of Afghan Shias in mourning ceremonies in Muharram last year, it announced this year to remove the painful Ashura holiday from the Afghan calendar once and for all.
In a move described by observers and activists as provocative, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Taliban government decided to remove the Ashura holiday commemorating the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) from the Afghan calendar.
Afghan citizens faced this movement’s decision with sharp criticism, especially the Shias.
The ministry discussed the new change in the Afghan calendar, but it did not mention the reasons for removing it.
Observers confirm in conversations with Shia Waves News Agency that “such a step, which precedes the painful memory by days, shows the extent of the Taliban’s hostility to the Shias and everything related to their ceremonies and religious rituals and the theft of their legitimate rights.”
They added that “the terrorist movement wants to erase everything related to the Shias as part of its systematic steps to persecute and exterminate them once and for all.”

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