Cholera Outbreak in Afghanistan: WHO Reports 25 Deaths

The World Health Organization (WHO) is sounding the alarm on a cholera outbreak in Afghanistan, Amu TV reported yesterday.

According to the source, from January to May, the country recorded over 46,000 cases, with a 54% monthly increase. Tragically, 25 people have died from the disease.

This surge is part of a wider trend. The Eastern Mediterranean region has been hit the hardest, with cases also reported in Africa, the Americas, Southeast Asia, and even Europe.

The situation is further complicated by a global shortage of cholera vaccines. Demand has nearly doubled this year, outpacing production.

Afghanistan is among the countries most affected, alongside Zambia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The WHO blames factors like population growth, natural disasters, and climate change for the spread of the disease.

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