Afghan Girls lose 3 billion learning hours due to 1,000-day education ban: UNICEF

UNICEF has reported a devastating setback to the education of Afghan girls, with three billion hours of schooling lost due to a thousand days of educational prohibition, Khaama Press reported.

Catherine Russell, the Executive Director of UNICEF, stated that this ban on girls’ education is severely damaging Afghanistan’s future and economy, while also causing psychological trauma for the affected students.

“Children’s rights, particularly those of girls, should not be sacrificed for political reasons,” Russell emphasized. She explained that this systematic exclusion not only violates the right to education, but also reduces opportunities and negatively impacts the mental health of these girls.

The consequences extend beyond the girls themselves, worsening the ongoing humanitarian crisis and hindering Afghanistan’s economic and developmental progress. Education is crucial, as it protects girls from issues like early marriage and malnutrition, and enhances their resilience to natural disasters.

Despite the challenges, UNICEF and its partners are working to support all children in Afghanistan. They are maintaining primary education for 2.7 million children and conducting community-based classes for 600,000 students, two-thirds of whom are girls. Teacher training is also underway to sustain the educational infrastructure.

Russell called on the Taliban administration to immediately allow all children to resume their education, urging the international community to continue supporting these girls, as no country can progress when half of its population is left behind.

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