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Human rights organizations and media outlets preoccupied with the UN statements on Shia genocide in Iraq

International human rights organizations have condemned the genocide perpetrated by the ISIS terrorist organization in Iraq, in a prison in the city of Mosul, and the killing of at least 1,000 prisoners, the majority of whom were Shias.
Last Thursday, Christian Richer, head of a UN team investigating atrocities in Iraq, told the UN Security Council that evidence collected from mass graves contained the remains of execution victims at Badoush Prison.
He explained that “the arrested prisoners were transferred to locations close to the prison, and they were sorted and separated on the basis of their religion and humiliated, and then at least 1,000 prisoners, the majority of whom were Shias, were systematically killed,” which was condemned by international organizations as well as international media outlets.
Shia Waves monitored the media’s interaction with this horrific incident, in which the Shias were killed, including Kurdo Press website, The Guardian newspaper, Agence France-Presse, ABC News, Rubric World, The National News Agency, and the American newspaper Al-Monitor.

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