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Food and Agriculture Organization: Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan will need external assistance to secure food

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced today, that 44 countries, including Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan, will need external assistance for food, indicating that conflicts and droughts have exacerbated the conditions of food insecurity in the world.
The Rome-based organization said, in a report, that “the measure of food prices rose for the fourth consecutive month last November, driven by strong demand for wheat and dairy products.”
It added, “Conflicts and drought have exacerbated food insecurity conditions in many parts of the world, especially East and West Africa,” noting that “44 countries worldwide, including 33 African, 9 Asian and 2 in South America, need foreign aid for food.”
The organization pointed out that “the Asian countries that need foreign food aid are Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Myanmar and North Korea.”


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