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International report reveals cash reserves of ISIS and the location of the largest number of its members

An international report issued by the Security Council confirmed that the majority of ISIS terrorists are inside Iraq, while it indicated that the organization possesses $100 million in cash reserves.
A report issued by the UN Security Council’s ISIS and al Qaeda Sanctions Committee stated, “It is estimated that ISIS terrorist organization has $100 million in cash reserves.”
The report stated, “The organization still has about 10 thousand fighters in Syria and Iraq, and the largest number of the organization’s members are in Iraq.”

It indicated, “The organization obtained funds from abroad through informal financial networks,” noting that “it continues to collect funds in many ways, such as extortion, kidnapping and ransom.”
On the other hand, the UN Security Council confirmed that ISIS is still able to launch operations in the border areas between Iraq and Syria, despite the challenges it faces, including the loss of a number of its leaders in 2020.
The council referred to “ISIS’ ability to hide in secret places, and its access to support from local communities,” stressing that it is capable of launching attacks in areas undergoing conflict, greater than in safe areas.

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