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Bahrain bans the establishment of Arbaeen revival ceremonies under the pretext of Covid-19

Shia activists condemned the decisions taken by the Bahraini authorities to prevent religious gatherings for the revival of Imam Hussein’s Arbaeen, even inside homes, under the pretext of Covid-19, while at the same time expressing their surprise as the government has turned a blind eye to sporting events and the celebrations held in the streets over the victory of al-Hadd Club.
Bahrain activists posted on the social networking site Twitter, video clips and photos showing the how the government is dealing with religious gatherings and how they are dispersing the participants in the Arbaeen revival, in addition to the use of armored vehicles in the Diraz village to prevent the establishment of the Arbaeen mourning rituals.
The Bahraini authorities had issued a statement two days ago, in which they threatened the followers of the Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, in the event that they hold religious gatherings, and stated in a brief statement to them that “going to Husseiniyat and processions is forbidden”.
Activists remarked with sarcasm saying, “Is it possible that Covid-19 spreads only in Shia religious and not in other gatherings such as sports celebrations, there is no such thing!”

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