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International Nonviolence Organization sends message on World Humanitarian Day

On the International Humanitarian Day, the International Nonviolence Organization (Free Muslim) called on free peoples, including the political systems representing them, to focus on consolidating democratic concepts in all their details due to their positive impact on the behavior of individuals and groups.

The organization also pointed out to the humanitarian dimension that Allah the Almighty has bestowed upon mankind.

In its message, the organization said: “The All-Knowing, the Wise, singled out humans with humanity, rising them above the rest of His creatures, to be a symbol of intimacy, mercy, tolerance, love and cooperation, which are qualities that humans have been imbued with since God created our father Adam, peace be upon him. Human beings, civilizations were built and countries were established, and man now extends his absolute influence on the planet Earth, which the Creator chose as man’s residence.”

The Free Muslim referred to the anniversary of the World Humanitarian Day, which was approved by the United Nations International Organization on the nineteenth of August of each year, which represents a very important day in the international community due to the remembrances, ideas and noble directions that seek to remind of the universal value of the human being and his social nature.

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