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Bangladeshi Ambassador to Iraq:  The artifacts in the Imam Hussein Museum represent a long history and possess a spiritual sanctity

The Bangladeshi ambassador to Iraq, Amdi Fadloul Bari, visited the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine and toured the Imam Hussain Museum, peace be upon him, in the courtyard.

The Ambassador was received by the curator of the Imam Hussein Museum, Mr. Ghassan al-Shahristani, who gave him an introductory tour of the valuables and collectibles displayed in the museum.

The Bangladeshi ambassador said, “These displayed valuables represent a great and ancient history,” praising the display and lighting system, which capture the attention of pilgrims.

“People around the world should know about these priceless collectibles as they represent a long history, and possess special sanctity and spirituality inspired by the epic of Karbala. I hope to visit the museum again in the future,” Bari added.

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