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Permanent exhibition in Babylon for artifacts and valuables of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine Museum

A permanent exhibition hall belonging to Imam Hussain Holy Shrine’s Museum was opened in the Ruins of Babylon containing precious and rare artifacts dating back to several eras.
The opening ceremony, held on October 31 at the Contemporary Hilla Museum in Babylon, witnessed the presence of cultural, political and academic figures, including the Indian ambassador, the South Korean ambassador and various media channels.
“Our presence today in this historical site is remarkable, and we are proud to announce the opening of a permanent exhibition displaying the heritage of our country, despite the difficult circumstances posed by Covid-19,” said the curator of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine Museum, Alaa Dhiya al-Deen.
“An old Kiswa (cover) of the Kaaba, replica of the holy grille of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine and tens of photos of artifacts have been displayed in the exhibition hall, under the guidance of the Supreme Religious Authority and the Holy Shrine’s keenness to preserve our heritage and legacy,” added al-Deen.
Curator of the Contemporary Hilla Museum, Ali Abdul Jalil, said, “We had the honor to establish an exhibition hall for the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine Museum to display its treasures and the honorable history of Imam Hussain, peace be upon him,” indicating that “the city of Hilla is the city of Imam Hasan, peace be upon him, and an important station to Karbala during the massive pilgrimages.”
On a related note, the South Korean ambassador to Iraq expressed his admiration, saying, “This is my first visit to the Ruins of Babylon and I am fascinated with the history and heritage it possess. We are ready to provide any cooperation with the concerned authorities to invest in such a civilizational and cultural legacy, and I will work on submitting some plans and proposals to establish projects in many archaeological areas throughout Iraq.”

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