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Imam Hussein Holy Shrine continues work on Imam Hussein Courtyard

The Engineering and Technical Projects Department at Imam Hussein Holy Shrine announced the continuation of work on the project of the courtyard of Imam Hassan, peace be upon him, which is in the second phase of the expansion project of the shrine of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

The supervisor of the project, eng. Haidar Abdel-Monaim, said in a statement to the official website, that “the wall of the courtyard is 40 meters deep underground, and is considered one of the most important stages to prevent groundwater and soil collapse.”

He indicated that “it is hoped that in mid-2024, the second phase of the project will begin,” stressing that “the project comes to provide worship spaces and service areas for visitors, where the built-up area of the courtyard is 100,000 square meters.”

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